Below you can find feedback from some of my customers. Please send me an email, if you wish check the validity of endorsements.

Very pleasant to work with Vadim! He delivers good quality on time! Communication with him is really good as he always answers promptly.
Thanks Vadim!

Gilles Bronchart, GIB Consult SPRL

Thank you for providing such a good professional service. We have just finished the first project together and the next is coming up soon. I will certainly keep you as longterm freelance translator!

Anke Leiber, Pyades Technologies GmbH

Vadim is a great pleasure to work with. He has demonstrated professionalism and delivered a job done to perfection in a timely fashion. We look forward to working with him on future projects

Jody Castro, ABC Translation Service, LLC

I highly recommend Vadim Poguliaev as a business partner. We have been cooperating with him for several years now - professional, precise, meets deadlines, great communication. Recommended.

Vitezslav Sislak, Lionbridge Technologies

Vadim is a true professional localizer and not “just” a translator: always available, reliable, excellent communication skills, and more. He offers a superior service. Our first choice for Russian.

Giuseppe Nuzzolese, Xlated Ltd

Very professional approach, timely deliveries, very good quality!
He's great to work with and definitely an excellent external

Anthony Chatzifotiou, Jonckers Translation and Engineering

A knowledgeable professional with excellent and timely communication response and deliveries! Great to work with!

Stefano Papaleo, Translate and Localize

Professional, reliable, on time deliveries. Easy to communicate with, always replies promptly. Excellent resource.

Camilla Giulia Gianoli, Crossgap s.r.l.

Great job Vadim, thanks! I look forward to keeping you busy :)

Yuri Geifman, Ruslan Translations Inc.

He is very professional and helpful. We are lucky to work with him.

Zhanping Pang, hiSoft Technology International Ltd

Vadim is extremely detail-oriented, thorough and precise. Always meets his deadlines. We look forward to working with him again

Susan Barnish, ALT Inc.

Excellent and professional translator, capable of complex projects.
A pleasure to work with.

Jan Guppy, Rossion Inc.