Professional Profile

Vadim is an Independent Localization Specialist with diverse industry experience spanning almost 15 years, and rare expertise combining extensive Technical Background, and Natural Affinity for Languages.

As a Telecom student he took an extensive 2-year English course from British Council, and was awarded with Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) certificate upon its completion in 2002. Shortly after he took part in a country-wide English Contest, and aced the regional stage, reaching the national finals. These credentials helped to kick off his career as a professional technical translator a few months later in 2003.

He officially joined Localization crowd as a Subject Matter Expert, and Technical Reviewer a few months after graduating in 2005.

For the next 5 years Vadim occupied wide variety of positions (translator, editor, language lead, project manager, LQA, localization engineer, and others), often wearing more than one hat at a time, and acquiring truly diverse experience in process. Eventually he faced a choice between hands-off position in mid-senior management, and hands-on self-employed career. He chose the latter without hesitation.

Extensive technical background combined with natural affinity for languages allows him to specialize, and excel in industry's most challenging areas, such as Transcreation/Technical Marketing, and Specialty Software Localization.


Master in Telecommunications, Cambridge: English Advanced Certificate, member of American Translators Association.


Language pair: English to Russian

Transcreation, and adaptation of highly visible customer-facing marketing content mainly from Telecommunications, and Information Technology domains.

Localization of Specialty Business, and Industrial software, including turnkey projects for direct clients.

Mobile Apps, and Games.

AAA Game Localization.

Team Training, and Vetting; Process, and Guideline Development... Localization Consulting for Small Businesses Completely Screwed by the Alleged Industry Leaders


Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Skype, Paypal, EMC, Network Appliance, Nortel (RIP), Sun Microsystems (RIP), Hewlett Packard, Citrix Systems, Avaya, Adobe Systems, Nokia, Motorola


  • Freelance Localization Specialist
  • October 2003 - Present
    Independent Localization Professional providing wide range of services: Translation, Transcreation, Proofing/Editing/QA/Revision, Liguistic Testing/LQA (Software), Project Management, Team/Language Lead Tasks, Consulting, Guideline/Process Development, DTP, and more.

  • Localization Project Manager / Language Lead at International Translation and Informatics Ltd
  • December 2005 - August 2009
    - Analysis of linguistic requirements and strategy for customer localization projects.
    - Support in quoting, pricing, and scheduling.
    - Creation and maintaining of glossaries, translation memories and style guides.
    - Assuring quality of finalized product by ongoing review, support and feedback to translators,  editors, and QA specialists.
    - Acting as chief liaison in interface with client terminologists, reviewers, and localization support staff.
    - Collaborating with other language leads in resolving issues that affect all project languages.
    - Production work (e.g. translation, editing, QA).

  • Technical Translator/Editor at BYNTS Translation Agency
  • August 2005 - December 2005
    Technical Review, Translation, and Sign-off, acting as company SME for projects in Telecommunication, and Information Technology areas.


Murmanskij Gosudarstvennyj Tehniceskij Universitet
Master, Telecommunications, 2000 - 2005
Passed exam for Cambidge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) in 2003


  • Native Russian speaker
  • Cambridge CAE certificate
  • 10+ years of experience
  • ATA member
  • Master degree in Telecom
  • Transcreation in IT/Telecom as a specialty

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