A software, not a book. Basically a two-paned browser, which can display paired sets of HTML, and/or image files. Advancing to a next file (or rather a pair of files) is synced, which makes it an incredibly handy tools for web, and screenshot-based QA. All you need is to prepare source, and target sets. Renaming may or may not be required.

ГОСТ 2.105-95 Общие требования к текстовым документам (542K)

What's is it about? Why post it here? First of all, being an active [international standard, this paper is mandatory, and you are formally obliged to follow it, at least for technical translation. At the same time, it contains huge amount of outdated, unneeded, unrealistic, and controversial provisions, that nobody follows these days. Obviously, this opens a wide array of abuse possibilities for a willing reviewer. One more thing: those who are making their first steps in this business, and aim for hardcore technical translation, should learn this this paper by heart, as well as all other relevant standards. We have all become too relaxed, too casual with all that MS products, CATs, search engines, and online dictionaries around us. Being uncompromisingly rigorous, and precise in the world casual Margarita-drinking dabblers may become one's real competitive edge. Note however, that this path is tough is unrewarding for most.

Правила русской орфографии и пунктуации (878K)

Edited by Lopatin, Cheltsova and others. Another good reference for Russian translator's bookshelf. It contains no typographical rules, but includes the exhaustive description of every possible use case of every single "official" punctuation rule, which may be useful in QA battles. This particular edition was issued to revert some notorious changes, introduced in previous version, that inscribed illiteracy into norm. Format: FB2+DOC.

Справочная книга редактора и корректора (5.3M)

AKA Milchin. This book is a musthave for everyone, who is into revision/proofing/QA of Russian content, especially technical. Translators, who like to receive "Pass" in LQA forms might also find it interesting. It's not as popular as ubiquitous Rosentahl, but it covers many issues that are simply omitted in other references, Rosentahl included. This is the the best, the first, the original revision (quite rare). In later versions a lot of stuff was cut out. Highly recommended.



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