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I assume you are here, because of your interest in Transcreation, Technical Translation, Software, and Web Localization, Freelance business, and life style, not-so-bright future of our industry, or any combination of the above. If my assumption is correct, I believe that you have come to the right place. Congratulations! My name is Vadim Poguliaev; I provide translation, localization, and transcreation services in the EN-RU pair, and the aforementioned topics are addressed across the site... more or less.

Those who are hiring are welcome to proceed with their sourcing... screening... assessment, whatever. Start with About page, or download the offline CV (PDF), if you prefer tangible copies. Kindly consider reviewing Testimonials as well. The easiest way to contact me is the following email: Alternative means of communication, and the contact form can be found here.

You have read this far, so I can tell you that I have a blog, which is a lot like notorious Quantum Superposition cat: you can't be sure, if it is alive, or not, until you open the link. Overall it represents a view on the industry by tired, bad-tempered, hard-boiled pro. I am also trying to share knowledge, experience, and insights that might turn useful, or at least thought-provoking. View from both ends of L10N food chain gives you the unique perspective, and can be a lot of fun, though the crooked kind of thereof. But it's OK, because our industry itself is exquisitely crooked. Still following? A couple of signature posts: why QWERTY phone is a perfect productivity helper for a Freelancer (click), and comprehensive analysis of reasons why I hate Logoport/Translation Workspace in two parts (part 1, part 2). I just couldn't fit all the reasons in one post. Parental Guidance suggested.

On the right you can see QUOTE OF THE DAY snippet. This is my not-much-to-do-in-January project: carefully selected quotes, related to life, and work of a Freelance Linguist. I think everyone will agree that our life style and working conditions are unique... If you disagree, then you are a vendor manager. Want to know my best rate? Sampling is eclectic — some bitter, others are inspirational... from grammar to quality, all the way to time management. Quotes will be published here, and in my Twitter. I will also make RSS feed, if it generates any interest. Antoine de Saint-Exupery is the first on the list: «Language is the source of misunderstandings». So true.

Fellow linguists are welcome to use Bookshelf. This page contains various resources, related to the profession. All the hosted stuff helped me at some point, and it just might help someone else. May be even you.

More useful stuff: Goodies button opens a slick dashboard with some tools guys like me use every day (such as the acronym parser), as well as links to on-site, and off-site resources one might find interesting.

One last thing, below you can find my social accounts. Do not hesitate to knock and say: Hi.




  • Native Russian speaker
  • Cambridge CAE certificate
  • 10+ years of experience
  • ATA member
  • Master degree in Telecom
  • Transcreation in IT/Telecom as a specialty

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